In the swissauto250 VT2 box  Dyno tested engine with AIYES race clutch - Stainless steel exhaust system - Carburetor + restrictor - Vacuum fuel-pump - Air box kit - Engine mounts - Radiator -  Battery box - Wiring loom - Reprogrammable ECU including VT2 standard software - Installation & handling guide - Small parts for installation (ex. nuts, bolts, springs, cable, etc.)  Available options: Rubber for exhaust - Shock absorbing sprocket carrier (50mm only) - Small tools for clutch maintenance - 1 Liter W001 helvenco 0W-30 oil swissauto250 VT2 main specifications  Type: Single-cylinder 4-stroke engine with balancing shaft - Displacement: 249,6 cm³ - Bore x stroke: 75mm x 56,5mm - Piston: Forged aluminum  Conrod: HQ Forged steel on needle roller bearing - Crankshaft: 2-parts, forged steel, on ball bearings - Cylinder: Die casted aluminum with Nikasil coating  Cooling system: Watercooled, integrated waterpump - Crankcase: Die casted aluminum - Lubrication system: Built-in dry sump with diaphragm pump  Valve train: DOHC on ball bearings, 4 valves/cylinder with flat tappets, timing chain with automatic tensioner - Ignition: Digital and reprogrammable ECU (ScanPrEx)  Alternator: 12V -  Starter: Electric started - Transmission: Centrifugal clutch with 219 chain - Recommended age: 14 to 16 years
Based on the 2008 EVOI swissauto250 engine Evoluated as EVOII Launched in 2010
swissauto250 VT2 MAXIMUM POWER TORQUE CARBURETOR TOTAL WEIGHT REV LIMITER NOISE   28hp at 8150 RPM   26Nm at 7400 RPM 30mm straight piston-type with 25mm restrictor 12000rpm Electronically restricted 27,5kg complete kit inclusive oil & water 90,8dB(A) Lamax-modus at 7,5m kg
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