IMPERIAL kg 95 MAXIMUM THRUST TORQUE                    THROTTLE BODY                    TOTAL WEIGHT REV LIMITER AVERAGE FUEL CONSUMPTION 126kg           at 9400 RPM     32Nm           at 7500 RPM    37mm               straight butterfly-type      10000 rpm             Electronically restricted     36,4kg                 complete kit                 inclusive oil & water         4,3 l/h                     at 6000 RPM AERO1000 specifications  Engine: Swissauto250 EFI racing engine with modified cam train & optimised mapping for AERO (inclusive altitude correction) - Transmission: Reversed centrifugal  AIYES clutch with 14G Belt drive system - Pulleys: Exchangeable, available ratios: 3,4 to 4,6 with interval of 0,2 - Frame: Mechanic friendly aluminium frame with 15   fixation points - PHISAS: Propeller Hub Integrated Shock Absorbing System - OHP-drive: Over-Head-Propeller to allow easy starting/landing (low centre of gravity) -    Lubrication system: extended with 0,35l oil tank - Alternator: 12V -  Starter: Electric started -  Upgrade ready: Upgradeable to AERO1500 (to be expected 2020)
Based on the 2010 EVOII EFI swissauto250 engine Launched in 2018
In the AERO1000 box  Dyno tested AERO1000 system without fluids - Stainless steel exhaust system - 34mm Throttle body - Electronic fuel-pump - Airfilter - Radiator - Wiring loom - ECU   including AERO1000 EFI standard software - Battery (EU only) - Small parts for installation (ex. nuts, bolts, springs, cable, etc.) - Installation & handling guide  Available options: 37mm Throttle body (+3kg thrust) - Small tools for clutch maintenance - 1 Liter W001 helvenco 0W-30 (break-in) oil
producer of the swissauto250 engine !