In the swissauto250 VT1 box  Dyno tested engine with AIYES race clutch - Stainless steel exhaust system - Carburetor - Vacuum fuel-pump - Air box kit - Engine mounts - Radiator -  Battery box - Wiring loom - Reprogrammable ECU including VT1 standard software - Installation & handling guide - Small parts for installation (ex. nuts, bolts, springs, cable, etc.)  Available options: Rubber for exhaust - Shock absorbing sprocket carrier (50mm only) - Small tools for clutch maintenance - 1 Liter W001 helvenco 0W-30 oil swissauto250 VT1 main specifications  Type: Single-cylinder 4-stroke engine with balancing shaft - Displacement: 249,6 cm³ - Bore x stroke: 75mm x 56,5mm - Piston: Forged aluminum  Conrod: HQ Forged steel on needle roller bearing - Crankshaft: 2-parts, forged steel, on ball bearings - Cylinder: Die casted aluminum with Nikasil coating  Cooling system: Watercooled, integrated waterpump - Crankcase: Die casted aluminum - Lubrication system: Built-in dry sump with diaphragm pump  Valve train: DOHC on ball bearings, 4 valves/cylinder with flat tappets, timing chain with automatic tensioner - Ignition: Digital and reprogrammable ECU (ScanPrEx)  Alternator: 12V -  Starter: Electric started - Transmission: Centrifugal clutch with 219 chain - Recommended age: 15 years and older swissauto250 VT1 MAXIMUM POWER TORQUE CARBURETOR TOTAL WEIGHT REV LIMITER NOISE   35hp at 9100 RPM   29Nm at 7300 RPM 30mm straight piston-type  12000rpm Electronically restricted 27,4kg complete kit inclusive oil & water 91,4dB(A) Lamax-modus at 7,5m kg
Launched in 2008 as EVOI swissauto250 engine Evoluated to EVOII in 2010
producer of the swissauto250 engine !