LEARN MORE In the swissauto250 VT SPARE engine box  Dyno tested engine with AIYES race clutch - Engine mounts - Charge coil - Ignition coil - Spark-plug - Starter motor - Starter gear with cover - Temperature sensor  Available options: 1 Liter W001 helvenco 0W-30 oil swissauto250 VT SPARE engine main specifications  Type: Single-cylinder 4-stroke engine with balancing shaft - Displacement: 249,6 cm³ - Bore x stroke: 75mm x 56,5mm - Piston: Forged aluminum  Conrod: HQ Forged steel on needle roller bearing - Crankshaft: 2-parts, forged steel, on ball bearings - Cylinder: Die casted aluminum with Nikasil coating  Cooling system: Watercooled, integrated waterpump - Crankcase: Die casted aluminum - Lubrication system: Built-in dry sump with diaphragm pump  Valve train: DOHC on ball bearings, 4 valves/cylinder with flat tappets, timing chain with automatic tensioner - Ignition: Digital Alternator: 12V  Starter: Electric started - Transmission: Centrifugal clutch with 219 chain - Use: Spare engine ready for racing in all karting categories; both carburetor & EFI
swissauto250 VT SPARE engine
Launched in 2008 as EVOI swissauto250 engine Evoluated to EVOII in 2010
Upon customer request helvenco AG introduced the swissauto250 VT SPARE engine. It is presented as an economical way to purchase a backup race motor. It is the base motor for the complete swissauto250 kart range what makes it applicable to all kart categories The swissauto250 VT SPARE engine is exactly equipped with all the necessary parts so it can be exchanged within a minimum of time; to be more specific: Remove the following parts: o Exhaust manifold, throttle body/carburetor, engine mount clips, remove chain Remove the engine from the kart and place the swissauto250VT SPARE engine on the frame Refit all above parts in the following sequence: o Chain, engine mount clips, exhaust manifold and throttle body/carburetor
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